I came across an interesting article. It seems that the administration at UNLV is considering not adding any additional parking at UNLV, in hopes of going away from the commuter school image it currently has. As a commuter student myself, i found this frustrating, but then again not having experienced the traditonal college experience (living on dorms, greek life etc..) i found this to be a good idea.

picture by Sonja Corliss.

I think UNLV should definitely make improvements to give students a more traditional college experience. They should lower the costs of dorms and make a greater community presence. They have taken steps with the Midtown project but you also have to consider that some students don’t have the desire for a traditional college experience. This is also a good move with the rise of the three tier college system that is forming in Las Vegas. However, one must remember that Nevada is for the most part a transient state where people come and go, and you hardly see a community culture like other major cities. Perhaps in the future (the not so near future) , UNLV will turn into a traditional college where the majority of students live on campus. We’ll see how this turns out.